Flange Re-Facing

Flange Re-facing is a process used to repair damaged or worn flanges, restoring them to their original dimensions and sealing surfaces. The process involves removing a thin layer of material from the damaged flange surface using a specialized cutting tool. This process ensures a perfect seal between the flange and its mating surface, preventing leaks and ensuring the safe and efficient transfer of fluids or gases. Flange re-facing is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new flange, and can be performed quickly and efficiently with minimal downtime.

In addition to restoring the flange’s sealing surface, flange re-facing also removes any corrosion or deformities on the flange, providing a fresh and uniform surface for proper sealing. It is a critical component in the maintenance of pipelines, pressure vessels, and other industrial equipment, helping to prevent leaks and prolong the life of these systems.