This procedure is specific to Canoco Energy Services. This tool guides all Canoco Energy personnel on how one shall achieve compliance with Canoco Energy Services (Joint Management Policies and Procedures).

The purpose of the procedure is to continue the success of zero leaks on all mechanical joint connections.

This tool shall be utilized as additional training to the Joint Integrity procedures implemented at various client sites within Canada. This procedure was developed to ensure consistency and alignment within joint connections by highlighting the critical elements of completing Joint Connections.

All Canoco Energy personnel are required to go through our in-house training course, which lasts for 4-5 hours depending on the size of the class. We try to limit to no more than 25 people to ensure lessons and training are clear to all of those participating.

After completion of the course, each individual receives a BJIM course completion sticker for their hard hat, which has a unique Pipefitter # (PF#-1) as well as a flange gap tool. The PF# is used to give each completed joint a unique identifier as to who completed the joint connection for the quality documentation. The flange gap tool is used to encourage personnel to be their own and coworkers inspectors before the QC rep. To complete the final inspection.

Within the course, we go over training and instructions for all aspects of completing various Joint Connections