3D Imaging

3D Imaging provides the Canoco team a real-time view of the oil reserves, allowing for the most efficient method of documentation while offering several significant advantages over tradition data collection. 

Our highly portable and automated system is designed for maximum productivity, automatically registering scans in real time and integrating 3D models into our teams workflow seamlessly. 

 3D Laser Scanning enables Canoco the ability to quickly and accurately capture comprehensive data while reducing the risks and costs of traditional methods.

Speed: Our 3D Laser Scanner captures and analyzes data faster than ever before. We can create colored 3D point clouds in under two minutes, with a measuring rate of up to 2 million points per second.

Agility: With a portable design and small/lightweight frame, our scanner can be taken virtually anywhere with ease.

Precision: The result of a scan using our 3D imaging is high quality, crisp images that are rich in both detail and functionality.